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Chicken Feed & Supply Store in Dover, NH

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Chicken and Poultry Supplies for Your Flock

If you're looking for nourishing, budget-friendly chicken food, you can depend on Dover Agway. We sell an extensive variety of poultry food that will help keep your flock feeling wonderful, looking amazing, and maintaining prime health and wellness. Poultry feed requirements fluctuate depending on whether you're feeding hens for eggs or meat chickens due to the specific dietary needs of each. With so many choices offered, it can get confusing. Soy-free, organic, GMO-free, vegetarian, name-brand, generic brand - countless options, how do you choose? Our crew can help you choose a chicken feed for your flock that will make them cluck for joy with our expert recommendations on feed, products, and treats for each phase of life. Visit our chicken feed store near Dover today!

Nutrina Brand Chicken Feeds

Egg layer pellets 16%

Egg layer crumble 16%

Egg layer mash 16%

Egg Producer

All Flock

Hearty Hen

Feather Fixer

Chicken Starter/Grower in both medicated and non medicated

Broiler/Meat Bird Feed

Gamebird starter/grower in medicated and non medicated

Gamebird finisher in pellet and crumble

Gamebird maintenance in pellet and crumble

Oyster Shells in 50lbs

Organic Chicken Feed

Nature's Smart Brand

Nature's Smart layer pellet in a 35lbs bag

Nature's Smart layer crumble in a 35lbs bag

Nature's Smart chicken starter/grower crumble in a 35lbs. bag

Nature's Smart Scratch Grains

New Country Organic Brand

NC poultry layer feed

NC poultry layer feed corn free

NC poultry layer feed whole grain

NC craft blend layer pellets

NC poultry starter/grower

NC poultry Broiler

Nature's Best

Nature's Best Organic Soy-Free layer pellets in a 25lbs. bag


We love our customers from Dover areas around Durham, Madbury, Dover, Portsmouth, North Berwick, South Berwick, amd Somersworth.

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