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General Information
Chicks are for sale approx. 72-96 hours after we have received them. We hold them for several days after they are delivered, they are monitored to be sure they are stable from the many challenges they endure the first 36 hours of life. When you purchase your chicks, they are a minimum of 3 days old. Hatch dates are provided on your paperwork at the time of sale. It is important that they are settled into your brooder as soon as possible after purchasing. Please have your brooder set up ready and waiting. A brooder lamp or other form of heat approved for livestock should be used. Avoid light bulbs especially safety coated/shatterproof types. Please call us if you have any questions or refer to the information/care pack we provide detailing the care of your chicks.           

We no longer take pre-orders. Chicks are for sale the day listed until we sell out. It is a good idea to come in the morning if you are set on a certain breed. Any chicks that do not sell that day will be offered the following 2 weeks during business hours.
If we have any surplus and need room in the brooder, they are taken home and raised to sell as pullets or kept in our flock. If you are interested in older birds please ask what we may have available. Starting the 1st of May.

Everyone’s safety is our top priority during this time and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.            

Most chicks are shipped as “sexed” meaning the hatchery has used several methods such as vent sexing, Semi -auto sexing, and color sexing depending on the breed, to determine male vs female. The latter being an exception, these methods are only 85-95% effective therefore ROOSTERS HAPPEN. Breeds that are sold as sex link are a better bet as they are sexed by their color the day they hatch. It is important to know that we do our best to give you the correct breeds listed. However human error, chick jumping here and at the hatchery can cause some surprises. Although this does not happen often it does occasionally and needs to be said. We do appreciate your feedback and use it to improve our procedures! Thank you for your support!
If you have any question’s please call the store at 603-742-7113.
Best Regards,
Paul, Teri, Kristine and Josie Welch


March 13, 2021
Rainbow Eggs
Americana                    (Sexed)  $4.95 each     
Olive Egger                   (Sexed)  $6.20 each     
Noir Marans                 (Sex Links)  $6.20 each     
Starlight Green Egger  (Sexed)  $6.20 each     
Prairie Bluebell Egger  (Sexed)  $6.20 each                


March 27, 2021
Beauty is Feather Deep     
Buff Brahma                 (Sexed)  $6.20 ea     
Dark Brahma                     (Sexed)  $6.20 ea     
Golden Laced Wyandotte   (Sexed) $6.20 ea     
Silver Laced Wyandotte     (Sexed) $6.20 ea     
Assorted Cochins (pending confirmation) (Sexed)           


April 10, 2021
Distinguished Ladies of the Coop
English Orpington Assortment (Sexed) $7.75 each     
Lavender Orpington               (Sexed) $7.75 each     
French Wheaton Maren          (Sexed) $7.75 each           


April 24, 2021
Kind and Gentle     
Welsummer               (Sexed)  $6.20 each     
Jersey Giant              (Sexed)  $4.95 each     
Salmon Faverolles      (Sexed)   $6.20 Each           


May 8, 2021
Best Sellers     
Speckled Sussex      (Sexed)  $6.20 each     
Buff Orpington        (Sexed)  $4.95 each     
Barred Rock            (Sexed)  $4.95 each     
Americana              (Sexed)  $4.95 each           


May 22 Chicks Cancelled.